Ole Miss Weekend

Plans for Aggie Football game vs. Ole Miss – October 23 & 24


The Mid-South A&M Club is excited to welcome Aggies from near and far to Memphis, Oxford and the Mid-South to support the Fightin’ Texas Aggie football team as they BTHO Ole Miss! The following is a summary of the activities we have planned for the weekend. If you have any questions, please send them to midsouthags@gmail.com

The weekend will begin with Aggie happy hour on Friday from 7:00 to 11:30 PM at Silky O’Sullivan’s (www.silkyosullivans.com) where we will enjoy music, entertainment and Maroon Beer! Silky’s is located at the southwest corner of Beale Street & Third Street in downtown Memphis. Silky’s has a $5 cover charge beginning at 8:00, but if you arrive before 10:00 and tell them you’re an Aggie you will not have to pay it.

After happy hour, we will head across the street to W.C. Handy Park (at the northeast corner of Beale & Third) for midnight yell practice. Be sure to get your hand stamped on your way out of Silky’s if you would like to return after midnight yell. There will be a band playing at Handy Park that night, but the plan is for them to take an extended break from about 11:50 PM to 12:30 AM while we have midnight yell. In exchange for taking a long break, our club will be giving the band a generous tip. Any donations you can contribute would be much appreciated.

Beale Street’s Under 21 Policy: Beginning at 9:00 PM, Beale Street and Handy Park are closed to people under age 21 unless they are accompanied by their parents. If minors are accompanied by one of their parents, they can enter Beale Street prior to 11:00 PM, but are normally asked to depart the 2-block area at that time. Beale Street management is making an exception to accommodate our event, so the rules for us are as follows:

• Minors can enter Beale Street before 9:00 (or 11:00 if escorted by one of their parents) and go to Handy Park from Beale Street in time for midnight yell.
• Any minors coming by themselves/groups or with their parents after 11:30 can enter Handy Park ONLY through the gate at Peabody Place and Third Street. This is a special arrangement they are making for us. The gate is normally locked, but will be unlocked from 11:30 PM to 12:30 AM and manned by a security guard hired by our club. Only identified Aggies will be allowed through this gate. This WILL NOT be another general entrance to Beale that night; it is only for Aggies going to midnight yell.
ALL MINORS, even those with their parents, will have to leave Beale Street/Handy Park through the gate at Peabody Place & Third Street as soon as yell practice is over.

This map shows Silky O’Sullivan’s and the entrances to Handy Park:

For a list of public parking visit: http://www.downtownmemphis.com/parking.asp

On Saturday, our club will host a tailgate party down in Oxford. Details are below. All Aggies are welcome.


Below are links to the gameday parking and shuttle service and information about tailgating in the Grove (although we hope you will come to the Aggie tailgate as well).

Gameday Parking & Shuttle Information: http://olemissfb.com/parking/parking-without-a-pass/

Tailgating in the Grove: http://olemissfb.com/the-grove/


The tailgate party will be located between the music building and the baseball stadium (Swayze Field) and officially begins at 2:00 PM. Water and other beverages will be provided at that time. Tailgaters are welcome to bring their own beverages as well. Food will be served beginning at 3:00. Donations are encouraged to help offset the cost of the tailgate party.

The Yell Leaders will be at the tailgate for yell practice at 4:15 and kickoff is at 6:00.

Map of tailgate location:

2015 Tailgate SiteThis is the Mid-South A&M Club’s third year to host a tailgate party, so we are asking for sponsors because we want to show the best hospitality we can. Contributions of any amount will be greatly appreciated, and we have sponsorship options for all budgets: platinum $500, diamond $250, and gold $100.  You will receive recognition both on the tailgate party banner and on our club website (which is linked to the Aggie Network website). To become a recognized sponsor, please send an email to midsouthags@gmail.com.

A&M Club T-Shirts – Design and Order Information CLICK HERE

We will need several volunteers at the tailgate to help set up, serve, and clean up. Please email midsouthags@gmail.com if you can help.

For overnight accommodations in Memphis, contact the 12th Man Foundation (http://www.12thmanfoundation.com) for official A&M hotel and travel accommodations. For a complete list of travel, hotel, and entertainment choices visit: http://www.memphistravel.com

Thank you in advance and let’s get ready to BTHO Ole Miss!

The Mid-South A&M Club officers


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